What are the New Hypothetical Continents? by Benjamin Matthews

New Hypothetical Continents (NHCs) is a project that invites reflection on how interpretation of the present is often shaped by utopian accounts of the past.

This pattern is promoted by global digital communication networks where visual media are increasingly prevalent, and where aesthetic modes of representation such as those associated with art play a leading role.

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Utopia and Glover’s Hobart by Benjamin Matthews

The ambivalent quality of utopia — evanescent, yet all about — coheres with a present gaze cast "back" to Glover's Mount Wellington and Hobart Town from Kangaroo Point (1831-33). A thick reading of the apparent exaggerations of the environment might lead us to assert a connection between the Glover's enthusiasm in this ostensibly innocent distortion of reality (that has resulted in so romanticised a depiction), and a far more sinister reality that will result in (and even permit) atrocity.

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